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Tweed Eco Cruises

Our Story

The history of Tweed Eco Cruises

“We wish to recognise the generations of the local indigenous people of the Bunjalung Nation who have lived in and derived their physical and spiritual needs from the forests, rivers, lakes and streams of this beautiful valley over many thousands of years as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands.”

Ahoy, Kylie here!

Welcome to Tweed Eco Cruises (TEC).

TEC has been cruising the river since 1988 on the iconic Golden Swan (built in 1972).  Local surfer Errol Wright and wife Lyn purchased the Golden Swan and crewed the business with daughters on board – my sister Miranda and I.

After Errol and Lyn retired in 2011 I took the wheel to steer ahead the Tweed Eco Cruises business, fixing our goals on supporting and preserving the community and environment in which we thrive.

Eco-tourism is central to our philosophies and practices. As an industry leader we aim to inspire and assist other local businesses to protect and promote our pristine natural environment. We have become an Eco-Accredited tourism operator who is passionate about taking steps towards a sustainable future. To read more on our eco practices, click here.

TEC is now the region’s eco-tour specialist and accommodates all boating needs from classic river cruising, wedding related celebrations, corporate function and events, to exclusive Aboriginal led experiences.

What was once only one boat and two crew has now grown to a fleet of four vessels and local crew with extensive knowledge of the region.

The Tweed Valley is a natural amphitheatre recognised alongside the Daintree and Kakadu as being one of the three most bio-diverse regions in Australia. We are so lucky to call this place our home! It is the perfect balance between river, mountains, and beaches. 

When you cruise with us you are:
  • supporting many local businesses
  • witnessing Australia’s wonders
  • minimising your environmental impact

We hope to see you onboard soon!

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