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Tweed Eco Cruises

Why is Ecotourism important?

In a world where people are travelling more than ever, and where our actions have a significant impact on our environment, the practice of ecotourism is more important than ever before. Ecotourism matters to us at Tweed Eco Cruises, and it matters in Australia. However, the prefix ‘eco’ has been bandied around so much in recent years, so how do you get a real eco experience?

At Tweed Eco Cruises (TEC) we believe that protecting Tweed Heads’ environmental and cultural assets is vital as it underpins the diversity and quality of visitor experiences that the Tweed region is well known for. TEC is an ecologically sustainable tourism company that aims to interpret local environments and cultures, and further tourists' understanding of them by fostering conversation. 

At TEC we believe ecotourism is important because;

  1. Encourages companies to actively work towards conservation of the natural areas central to their operations. 
  2. Many ecotourism businesses are supporting regional economies and providing strong social outcomes through developing local pride, supporting festivals and events. 
  3. Recognise the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous People in our community, encouraging partnership to create empowerment and further cultural understanding. 
  4. Deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to social, environmental, and even political climates.

TEC is accredited for Eco Tourism with the NSW Government. TEC assisted in writing the Code of practice for land based charter fishing activities in the Tweed River. This applies for NSW bait collecting in regards to the Ghost nipper (yabby pumping) and was passed as legislation by the Federal Government. 

As an industry leader for Eco Tourism, this is where green, eco-friendly practices become important as well as an understanding of the local environment. Tweed Eco Cruises is certified in nature tourism which means we operate with minimal environmental impact as well as provide opportunities for others to learn about the environment (and its wildlife). 

We minimise road pollution by:

We minimise waterway impact by:

We hope you’ll come and promote ecotourism in Australia and join us on a cruise soon.