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The Local Advantage: Exploring Why We Support Local

Support Local: Strengthening Communities Through Collaboration

At Tweed Eco Cruises (TEC), we firmly believe in the power of supporting local businesses within our community. This simple idea has been the driving force behind our company’s success. It’s not just about making purchases; it’s about establishing a network of support, promoting local talent, and working together to keep doors open. 

By joining forces with local businesses, TEC contributes to the growth and sustainability of the community. We understand that supporting local enterprises is vital for building stronger communities and fostering economic resilience. 

Through our tours and experience, TEC promotes and showcases the offerings of nearby businesses. We encourage our visitors to explore and engage with the local economy, highlighting the unique products, services and talents the region has to offer. 

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil a comprehensive breakdown of the local products featured on our highly sought-after River and Rainforest Cruise:

Whether we are recommending local restaurants, artisans, or farmers’ markets, Tweed Eco Cruises actively promotes and integrates these businesses into the overall experience. We understand that by supporting local enterprises, we are not only enhancing the visitors' experience but also contributing to the success and livelihood of the community.

Furthermore, TEC understands the ripple effect that supporting local businesses can have. By sourcing suppliers and services from nearby establishments, we help ensure that the benefits of our operations circulate within the local economy, creating a positive impact on job creation, community development, and overall prosperity.

In essence, the TEC crew go beyond providing exceptional nature experiences; we actively champion and support local businesses. By recognising the value and importance of the local economy, we contribute to the growth, sustainability, and overall success of the community we call home.

A Closer Look at Our Beloved Local Businesses:


Discover the extraordinary cheeses crafted by Deb, a talented local artisan and jersey milk cheesemaker. Operating from her transformed home farm in Burringbar, Deb creates small batch cheeses that we believe can rival some of the best in the world. Among our staff favourites are the Pepper Romano, Blue, and Lola varieties, as well as her remarkable masterpiece, Little Aud. If you're eager to bring these exceptional cheeses home, you can find Deb at local markets in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. 

For more information, visit her Facebook page @Dairyandcheese.


Nestled in the picturesque Northern Rivers hinterland, this farm cultivates an impressive array of over 25 tropical nuts, fruits, and bush foods. Their products are carefully crafted using locally sourced ingredients, with fruits handpicked from their own land in Dunoon. Indulge in a remarkable taste experience that captures the essence of this stunning region. 

Discover their range of offerings and learn more about their philosophy by visiting their Facebook page @Wattletreecreek.


Founded on a thriving avocado farm with a breath-taking view of Mt Warning, Earth Beer Company embraces its humble beginnings in an old tin shed. Inspired by the rich red soil of the Tweed Valley, their mission is to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds who appreciate exceptional beer and the land it is brewed on.

Discover their range of brews and delve into their ethos by visiting their Instagram page @Earthbeercompany.


Scales Seafood, helmed by brothers Steve and Mick, is a cherished family-owned business. They take pride in directly sourcing their seafood from the trawlers, ensuring the freshest quality for their customers. Offering a remarkable variety of fresh seafood products, their market and takeaway shop is a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Treat yourself to an array of mouth-watering options from their wide selection.

Follow their seafood adventures on Instagram! @Scalesseafood.


Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary journey of Brookies Gin. In 1998, Pam and Martin embarked on a remarkable endeavour, purchasing a dilapidated dairy farm. With unwavering dedication, they planted an astonishing 35,000 subtropical rainforest trees, transforming the land into a thriving sanctuary for birds and wildlife. From this lush haven, Brookie's Dry Gin emerged, boasting an exquisite blend of 25 botanicals. Impressively, 17 of these botanicals are sourced locally, including many from their very own rainforest. Embark on a sensory adventure with Brookie's Gin and experience the harmonious flavours of their truly unique creation.

Follow their journey on Instagram! @Brookiesgin.


For two years, Keri dedicated herself to a quest of exploration, visiting distilleries both near and far to gather knowledge and inspiration. Proudly operating as a Nano-distillery, we specialise in the production of exceptional spirits on a small scale. Our unwavering mission is to craft the finest rum imaginable, with a focus on spreading joy and delight. At the core of our ethos, we hold dear the values of curiosity, humanity, and authenticity, ensuring that every sip embodies our commitment to excellence.

Unveil the captivating rum journey of Cabarita Spirits on Instagram @Cabaritaspirits.

A list of all the local food suppliers we use: